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         If you drive in Westchester County on a daily basis, chances are that you are going to receive a traffic ticket.  Whether it be speeding on Interstate 287 in Greenburgh or Interstate 684 in Bedford, running a red light on Route 119 in Tarrytown or Route 9 in Ossining, or illegal passing on the Taconic, Saw Mill or Hutcheson River Parkways, traffic tickets have more consequences then just paying a fine.   In addition to the fine, other consequences can include a Driver Responsibility Assessment, an increase to your insurance, or quite possibly a suspension of your driving privileges.  Let Edward Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Lawyer assist you! 



1.    Fine.

        Each traffic infraction has a wide range of fines.  Ultimately it is the judge that sets the fine.  Having an attorney representing you will ensure that the fine is appropriate for the traffic infraction and will increase the likelihood of a lesser fine.  Additionally, each Court assesses a State surcharge.  The surcharge for fines assessed in City Court is $80.00.  The surcharge for fines assessed in Town or Village Court is $85.00.  For a list of fine ranges for common traffic violations click the "Fine Amounts" link above.  Let Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Lawyer assist you in getting the lowest fine!!

2.    Driver Responsibility Assessment.
        The new Driver Responsibility Assessment is a surcharge that is automatically generated and charged to any motorist that is convicted of a violation, (or violations), that carry 6 or more points  -  And its not cheap.  For starters, 6 points will get you a $300 surcharge payable all at once or at a rate of $100 annually for three years.  This amount does not include the fine and surcharge ordered by the Judge after a plea or conviction.  Additionally, there is a surcharge of $75 for each point over 6 points.  So if you had 2 points on your driving record because you pled guilty to a cell phone violation a year earlier and plea guilty to driving 76 in a 55 miles an hour zone (a 6 point violation), you would automatically be assessed $450 or $150 a year for 3 years by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  A lawyer will attempt to navigate the matter through the Court to minimize points and avoid the Driver Assessment.   For a list of Points for common traffic violations click the "Points" link above.  Let Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Attorney, assist you in limiting DMV points and protecting your drivers license!!

3.    Increased Insurance Premiums.

        While I can not say for certain that your insurance rates will go up if you accrue points on your driving record, what I can say for sure is that DMV maintains your driving record for at least 39 months.  I can also say that your driving record is accessible for a small fee.  If your insurance company does look, they will be able to look at your driving history for the past thirty-nine months and may surcharge or increase your premiums relative to your points.  Let Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Lawyer, assist you in protecting you from increases in insurance premiums!!

4.    Loss of Driving Privileges.

        In New York, most traffic infractions carry a certain number of points.  If you plead guilty, or are found guilty after a trial, for violating a New York State vehicle and traffic law, DMV will assign your driving record a certain number of points.  DMV will suspend or revoke a person's license who incurs 3 or more speeding convictions in an 18 month period, or incurs 11 or more points in an 18 month period.   For a list of Points for common traffic violations click the "Points" link above.  Let Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Lawyer, protect you from a suspension of your driving priveleges!!

5.    Convenience.

        Most Courts will excuse the motorists physical appearance at the Courthouse and allow an attorney to appear on behalf of the motorist if the motorist signs a proper authorization.  In such case the attorney, in effect becomes the motorist, and may take any action that the motorist could have, including conducting a trial, or entering into a plea to a reduced infraction.  This is an invaluable benefit to the motorist.  Some Courts conduct hundreds of traffic violation matters in one calendar.  It is not unusual for an unrepresented motorist to sit for several hours just to be called by the Court.  This does not include travel time and cost of travel.  Hiring the right attorney can not only get you a better resolution to your traffic ticket, but can also save you a day away from work.  What is a day of work worth to you???  Let Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Lawyer, handle it for you!! 

6.    Rates.

        I am proud to offer reasonable rates.  For most matters, I charge a low flat fee that covers the full representation for that particular ticket in that particular Court.  No postage costs, copy costs, facsimile costs, fuel surcharge or extra costs are added to the representation unless agreed to by you.  Call Edward G. Lammers, Westchester County New York Traffic Attorney, for a free evaluation and flat rate to handle your traffic violation


        Edward Lammers regularly defends speeding tickets throughout Westchester County, New York.  He has appeared in the following Courts:

Ardsley Village Court
505 Ashford Avenue
Ardsley, New York  10507

Bedford Town Court
321 Bedford Road
Bedford Hills, New York  10507

Briarcliff Manor Village Court
1111 Pleasantville Road
Briarcliff Manor, New York  10510

Bronxville Village Court
200 Pondfield Road
Bronxville, New York  10707

Dobbs Ferry Village Court
112 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry, New York  10522

Eastchester Justice Court
48 Mill Road
Eastchester, New York 10707

Elmsford Village Court 
15 South Stone Avenue
Elmsford, New York  10523

Greenburgh Town Court
188 Tarrytown Road
White Plains, New York

Harrison Town Court
1 Heineman Place
Harrison, New York  10528

Larchmont Village Court
120 Larchmont Avenue
Larchmont, New York  10538

Mamaroneck Town Court
740 West Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, New York  10543

Mount Kisco Justice Court
40 Green Street
Mount Kisco, New York  10549

Mount Vernon City Court
30 Roosevelt Square
Mount Vernon New York  10550

New Castle Town Court
200 South Greely Avenue
Chappaqua, New York  10514

North Castle Town Court
15 Bedford Road
Armonk, New York  10504

Ossining Town Court
86 Spring Street
Ossining, New York  10562

Ossining Village Court
86 Spring Street
Ossining, New York  10562

Pleasantville Village Court
80 Wheeler Avenue
Pleasantville, New York  10570

Port Chester Village Court
350 North Main Street
Port Chester, New York  10573

Rye City Court
21 McCullough Place
Rye, New York  10580

Rye Town Court
10 Pearl Street
Port Chester, New York  10573

Sleepy Hollow Village Court
28 Beekman Avenue
Sleepy Hollow, New York  10591

Tarrytown Village Court
21 Wildey Street
Tarrytown, New York  10591

White Plains City Court
100 South Broadway
Yonkers, New York  10701

Yorktown Town Court
2295 Crompound Road
Yorktown Heights, New York  10598


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